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Blakes Bridge Project


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Engineering District 10-0

Project Details:

SR 0322 Section 551
Located in the Borough of Brookville in Jefferson County

The PA Department of Transportation will be replacing the Blake’s Bridge that crosses the North Fork Creek (a navigable stream) located in a commercially active district of the Borough. A temporary bridge will be built over the creek to maintain traffic flow during construction. Project limits of authorization stretch from the Richards Street intersection to the Brookville Chevrolet Dealership.
A total of 5 parcels will be affected during construction; no displacements are anticipated but two currently unoccupied structures will be demolished to accomplish the project. Right of Way activities commenced in fall 2008 and are to conclude by fall of 2009 to allow for a spring 2010 construction letting. Construction activities are projected to proceed into 2011. For additional information, visit the District 10-0 website at www.state.pa.us or contact any of the below representatives.


Ken Hawker - Project Manager
Audrey Gerginski - Acquisition / Relocation Supervisor
Janice Olszewski - Appraisal Supervisor
Melissa Strong - Real Estate Specialist
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