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Clyde Bypass Project


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Engineering District 10-0

Project Details:

Clyde Bypass Project
SR 0022 Section 494
Located in East Wheatfield and West Wheatfield Townships in Indiana County

The PA Department of Transportation will be widening the existing highway and realigning a portion to the south in order to bypass the Village of Clyde. Project limits of authorization will stretch more than seven miles starting from the end of District’s Pennview Project near the Mount Tabor Church to the west, which is currently under construction, (Visit that Project’s website for more details at: www.dot.state.pa.us to the Armagh Bypass to the east. A total of 64 parcels will be affected by the project, with 22 displacements resulting including one active Church. Right of Way activities commenced in November 2005 and are to conclude by late fall of 2006 to allow for a spring 2007 construction letting. Construction activities are projected to proceed through 2009. For additional information, visit the District 10-0 website at www.dot.state.pa.us or contact any of the below representatives


Ken Hawker - Project Manager
Janice Olszweski - Appraisal Supervisor
Audrey Gerginski – Acquisition/Relocation Supervisor
Melissa Strong – Sr. Real Estate Specialist
Rhonda Conte – Real Estate Specialist
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