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West Virginia Corridor H Expressway Project


West Virginia Department of Transportation

Project Details:

Corridor H Project - Moorefield
Located in Grant and Hardy Counties

These projects involved four sections of U.S. Route 33 (Corridor H) from County Route 5 near Forman, Grant County, West Virginia to Moorefield, Hardy County, West Virginia. U.S. Route 33 (Corridor H). when completed in all phases, will be a four lane limited access highway from Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia to the Virginia border near Wardensville, Hardy, West Virginia. The new construction for the four sections of U.S. Route 33 (Corridor H) will be approximately 16 miles in length. When U.S. Route 33 (Corridor H) is totally completed, it will be approximately 120 miles in length. The completed project will be an important East-West artery for travel from Central West Virginia to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

The right-of-way required for the projects involved approximately 68 parcels which includes eight mobile homes and three single family residences. There was livestock to be relocated from the partial acquisition of several properties.

As the selected right-of-way consultant, IAS provided the high-quality right-of-way services necessary for right-of-way certification and federal participation on this project. We effectively managed the project and project team to meet the right-of-way clearance date for construction. In addition to the project team proposed for this contract, IAS stood ready to commit additional staff beyond that required by the scope of work.

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