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Shenango Valley Expressway Project


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Engineering District 1-0

Project Details:

SR 0062 Section B05
Located in the City of Sharon in Mercer County

The PA Department of Transportation intends to replace three (3) bridges located along the Shenango Valley Expressway. Two (2) of the structures traverse railroad corridors and the third crosses over the Shenango River (non-navigable in this area). All existing bridge spans will be reduced in length as embankment materials will be utilized to fill pier sites where possible; additionally roadway widening and intersection improvements will also occur.
A total of 14 parcels will be affected by this project, which is being constructed in anticipation of additional widening projects along the expressway to the east. Right of Way activities commenced in spring 2008 and are to conclude by winter of 2008 to allow for a spring 2009 construction letting. Construction activities are projected to proceed through 2010. For additional information, visit the District 1-0 website at www.state.pa.us or contact any of the below representatives.


Ken Hawker - Project Manager
Audrey Gerginski - Acquisition / Relocation Supervisor
Don Hubert - Real Estate Specialist
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